In rapier fencing the second intention is one of the indispensable, peculiar and most difficult aspects due to the necessary waiting, search for the moment, measure and appropriate attitude.

Starting from the basics of practice of the fisas method we will arrive at the interpretation and methods of application of the second intention in seventeenth-century rapier fencing, taking as an example techniques described by Alfieri (1606), Capoferro, Giganti up to Gorio (1682).


Massimiliano Bonelli

Massimiliano began his way in Traditional fencing in 2002-2003, when he started to practice rapier in Fisas following the teaching of Andrea Lupo Sinclair. Not very long after, he started studying and practicing all the Weapons of Fisas Method: sidesword ( also with dagger ), Longsword, Radaelli Saber and continued studying rapier ( also with dagger and cape) .

He has researched and gave demonstrations of the Rapier a number of times. One important mention is his interpretation of the methods shown in the book of L`arte di Adoprar la Spada by Giovanni Pietro Gorio (Milano, 1682). of which he was one of the two writers who did the transcription into a more modern Italian language book reprint.

Massimiliano has been a member of the FISAS executive committee for a good number of years and was the latest FISAS President till 2021.


Viviano Crimella

Having started at age 11, Viviano studied Judo until 14 years old and achieved the green belt before abandoning due to the competitive aspects imposed on the higher grades. In the following years he studied various sports activities such as climbing and mountaineering. He practiced western riding for about ten years and sports diving in which he obtained the license of Assistant Instructor (FIPSAS-CMAS) before starting to take an interest in the more technical aspects of the discipline, up to underwater caving, of which he retains particular experiences.

He also worked in a professional bungee jumping center for 11 years, where he led a team. All this in addition to skiing, which he has been practicing since the age of 4 and of which he started to practice the traditional version since 2000, studying with the National Telemark Instructor Luca Gasparini.

After a brief experience with instinctive archery and sports shooting with firearms, he rediscovered the pleasure of practicing martial arts in 1999, meeting Andrea Lupo “Sinclair” under whose guidance he studied Historical Fencing in the “Sinclair method” in Longsword, Sidesword. Rapier and Sabre.

He held a number of demonstrations and workshops on his research and expertise in the earlier rapier.

He is currently certified as “Martial Arts ACSI Technician”.

Viviano has been a member of the FISAS executive committee from 2002 to 2021 and held the position of FISAS President between 2008 and 2012.