FIM – Fisas International Meeting will be hosted by the Sporting Center “La Ghirada – City of Sport.” Located on the outskirts of Treviso, with a total area of 22 hectares, “La Ghirada” was built in 1985 by the Benetton Group and is open to anyone willing to participate in sports and recreational activities.

The center consists of three gyms, six rugby fields (covering 60,000 square meters), football fields, indoor basketball/volleyball courts, a beach volleyball area, a fitness center, a golf course and a swimming pool.

FIM 2018 will take place in 2 of the 3 indoor Basketball courts (point (5) on the map) while lunches and dinners will take place at the restaurant “Fuori Gioco” (paragraph (6) on the map).

The center offers ample parking facilities (point (7) on the map), with over 200 parking spaces.