The XXI edition of the Fisas International Meeting (FIM) will be held in Legnano (MI) from 25 to 28 April 2024 and will see a slightly different teaching proposal than usual, designed with the idea of creating an immediate connection with historical references of the past (specific techniques of some key treatises both from a practical and cultural point of view) through the filter of a practical methodology consolidated for more than twenty years, and therefore offer a more precise and contextualized level of learning compared to the usual formula, applied since 1999.
All FISAS instructors will be busy giving life to integrated workshops, oriented on three of the four weapons provided by the FISAS method.
The workshops will be organized in two phases:
“Phase 1” will include a compendium of some fundamental principles which in general help to improve one’s knowledge and practice, so that they can be applied in almost any fencing situation.
“Phase 2” will instead see more targeted workshops, which will more clearly organize the principles learned during “Phase 1”, putting them into practice to achieve a precise objective, or a technique – or a concept – present in one of the many historical fencing treatise specific to the weapon in question.
Therefore, in the participant’s choice to follow one or more weapons/styles, it is suggested to consider participation in both Phases, precisely because the first is addressed as an in-depth session of specific basics, while the second as the practice of a specific technique from the treatise, broked down and reorganized according to the “FISAS Method”.
In addition, as usual, we will have the pleasure of hosting some European instructors who will offer us the result of their studies and practice of their school and/or specific styles.
As usual, all the workshops will always be organized in double edition, so as to make it possible to use the maximum number of courses possible.
Furthermore, this year the FIM will last 4 days instead of the usual three!
An unmissable event in recent years is the famous FISAS “Iron Quadrangle”, always highly
appreciated since its first edition.
This year’s Gala dinner will be held on Saturday 27 April 2024.
We are waiting for you to celebrate the XXI edition of our meeting with us!