“The Iron Quadrangle” will also be present at this edition of the FIM.

Conceived and studied in 2016 and tested in 2017, the Iron Quadrangle is a continuous mixed assault activity against one or more opponents, also armed differently, at a high pace and adrenaline.
It is a multipurpose teaching tool, with changing rules, to adapt it into the context and the needs of the moment.

It was especially developed by the Academy of the FISAS Association, following some works dedicated to pressure tests and practical work situations in semi-stress, to allow fencers with different abilities and nature to compete in assault in an arbitrated martial context, but without any score.

In this case it is not a tournament, there are no elimination groups and a winner is not proclaimed. One of the main values is to test the effectiveness of one’s own way of fencing by comparing oneself with as many opponents as possible, to the best of one’s abilities and with the utmost respect for the Art.

The meeting between different schools, styles, weapons and study paths make the Quadrangle a unique opportunity for fencing growth.

For participation in the activity it is mandatory to wear the complete passive protection:
mask, gloves with finger protection and sleeve that reaches up to at least half of the forearm or FISAS approved, fencing jacket, plastron (mandatory) overcoat or under the fencing jacket. Inguinal protection for males and chest protection for women, knee protection.

The presence of the protections will be checked before the start of the activity.
Additional passive protections are also recommended: neck protection, elbow protection.

Weapons combination allowed:

● Longsword
● Sidesword
● Sidesword with second weapons (dagger, cloak or buckler)
● Rapier
● Rapier with second weapons (dagger, cloak, buckler)

The weapons must be in order on the edges (no dangerous burrs), the blade will have to flex well and homogeneously to the flexing test and the tip in good condition.
The weapons will be checked before starting the activity.

The attitude voted to do damage to the training partner or the lack of control despite calls received will be penalized with the immediate expulsion from the activity.

At the beginning of the activity a briefing will be done to illustrate the functioning of the work.