The lesson delves into Master Docciolini’s approach with sword and dagger, through the main three guards that he describes and the many different actions that he recommends aganist opponent attacks. We will identify the main principles of Docciolini’s sword and dagger play, the related footwork and techniques. The final part of the lesson will be dedicated to controlled sparring.


Francesco Mannini practiced swimming and other sport activities until when, in 2002, he discovered traditional fencing through the teachings of M. Andrea Lupo Sinclair at the Confraternita della Spada (CSF) in Florence. Since that day, he has been passionately practicing historical fencing and in particular two handed sword and sidesword and dagger.

In October 2010 he classified first at the FISAS rapier tournament in Vogogna (Domodossola), and on the following year he again classified first at the FISAS rapier tournament in Trezzo Sull’Adda (Bergamo).

After having completed the FISAS teaching academy in 2011, he became instructor of two handed sword; on the following he also became instructor of side-sword.

Currently he coordinates the activities of the Confraternita della Spada association in Florence with Iacopo Iacoponi.

Since 2009 he is also member of the FISAS Academy.

In 2023 he kept a lesson with Iacopo Iacoponi at FIM on Master Camillo Agrippa with the following title: the clever use of the guards and Measure