Ordinary and extraordinary walk in the side sword
Starting from the observation that, especially in the sidesword, the tendency of practitioners is to adopt disordered positions – often since the first “blade exchanges” – which make it more difficult to introduce the Opposites in the phrasing of the assault, the lesson aims to suggest some attitudes towards walking, first of all by identifying an “ordinary” motor pattern – which is applied to the guard and “beating about the bush” positions – to be contrasted with the “extraordinary” positions – such as the “extraordinary step”, the “inquartata”, the “croce”, etc.
Having made this distinction, some exercises will be suggested to train the maintenance of the “ordinary” motor pattern in order to be able to correctly apply the “extraordinary” one when there is an actual need.
In doing this, the necessary coincidence of walking with the movements of the sword will be highlighted, and how these are intrinsically linked in the achievement of one’s goals.