Bilingual (ita-eng) research work which is the product of a multiannual study about a little big historical reality of Veneto: the arms production, at its peak in the sixteenth and seventeenth century in the areas of Belluno and Feltre.

A little reality in a sense of a job that was often hard, menial, within a small-ranging geographical and social context; a big one because the result of such a craftmanship lead to the realization of genuine masterpieces that were highly appreciated and demanded throughout Europe.

The authors –Michele Vello, PhD, and Fabrizio Tonin, restoration tech– lead us to discover a world of actual artists like the Ferara brothers, Andrea and Zandonà, and Pietro da Formegan, providing us a reasoned framework and thereby increasing with new data what we know today. We’ll know the single works that were produced, we’ll retrace their fate among museums and private collections. We’ll reenact through the consultation of many old documents the life and the world of these artists-craftmen, whom we legitimately consider as such because the cutting edge of their work resulted in highly valuable and absolutely refined creations.

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