Fluidity, reactions and timing.

This class will address certain fundamentals of body mechanics, longsword techniques and their application in different situations were you need to make quick decisions and reactions.


Andrei Xuereb is the person responsible for the introduction of Historical Fencing as a martial art in the Maltese islands, having founded the Mithras Swordfight Club in 2005 and the Malta Historical Fencing Association in 2009.

From a sport fencing background, Andrei totally devoted himself to the research and practice of Historical Fencing and European Martial Arts. Since 2006 he is a student of the methods taught by his teacher Andrea Lupo Sinclair, founder and technical director of the A.S.D FISAS.

In order to give the best instruction possible to students within the Malta Historical Fencing Association, Andrei has attended and regularly still attends academies and international meetings on Historical Fencing organized by FISAS and other groups in Europe. Andrei earned the highest teaching qualifiacations after passing public examinations under the FISAS system. He is the first non-Italian student to be qualified in the FISAS system and also the first instructor in Malta to be qualified in Historical Fencing.